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Sometimes the bar is raised, and we get requests that require more technology, personnel, and content production. We're happy to provide advice on what it takes for a successful project.


Sometimes more
is required

To hit the mark, we need to understand the purpose, audience, and goals of the project: what does the sender want to change? Perhaps a target audience analysis is needed? Or do we need to focus on insight – and dissect the issue to truly understand the causes, relationships, and conditions?

Once we know this, we have an array of communication tools at our disposal. But it's also important to consider how we reach the audience - and how we follow up afterwards. And how we measure our success! Is it solely based on good viewer numbers - or also on qualitative feedback?

Graphics Package

We can help develop bumpers, intros, name tags, and other graphics.


We can produce many kinds of animations for your event.

Content production

We can help produce content and video for your event.

Interviews after broadcast

We can help to conduct interviews with participants after an event.

Behind-the-scenes footage

These are videos that show the process of creating the event

Participants via link

We help manage speakers participating remotely or virtually in your event.

Image production for monitors

Maximize the monitors to help give your event that extra special touch.


We can help produce your presentation material i.e., for Powerpoint.


If you need a professional host, we’ve got you covered.

Studio host

We can provide studio hosts who welcome and guide your guests.

Make-up artist

We can provide you with a professional make-up artist for your host or guests.

Set designer

Let us help you design the set according to your needs.

Lighting designer

For when you want more advanced lighting.

Steadicam operator

If you want to use a Steadicam, we can provide this.

Insight analysis

We can help you get deeper insights into your communication and audience.

Format development

We have long experience of developing programmes and formats.

Content advisory

We can provide guidance, advice, or consultation about the content of your event.

Presenter coaching

Help to improve the presenters’ performance in engaging with the audience.

Manage invitations

Let us handle invitations and attendees for your event.

Interactive services

We can help with distribution and add interactivity to your event.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about our services, get in touch with us.

This is included in the base rent

  • 3 PTZ cameras
  • Video mixer
  • 2 computers for PowerPoint
  • 2 computers for video playback
  • Stage timer
  • Streaming encoder
  • Recording of outgoing feed (PGM)
  • 2 preview monitors
  • 75" screen for presentations in the studio
  • Fully equipped lighting rig
  • Programmable lighting board
  • 8 wireless systems
  • 1 IEM system
  • Audio mixer
  • Studio monitoring
  • Sound technician
  • Video producer
  • Streaming technician
  • Playout technician/producer/dial-in operator
  • 1 studio desk, 220cm
  • 1 studio desk, 70cm
  • 3 armchairs
  • 5 bar stools
  • 5 barriers
  • 5 x 55” screens for digital media
  • Makeup room
  • Lounge
  • Meeting room