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A documentary series that creates thought leadership

In 2018, it was decided that Stockholm's oldest substation needed a makeover to keep up with the demands of today and, of course, of tomorrow. Ellevio wanted to tell the story of this transformation and approached us. After a bit of research, it was clear that behind the old walls there were a lot of stories to be told along with opportunities to tell new ones.

Case: Ellevio

A century of history

Since its start over 100 years ago, Värtan has served as a pivotal hub for distributing incoming electricity from northern power plants, playing a crucial part in the city’s development.

In addition to the transformation story, we saw an opportunity to create something that could also work as a platform for Ellevio to communicate with their customers. Our take was to create a series of documentary episodes that not only documented the site and its use but also gave a historical context. We covered important topics like sustainability, societal development, and the future of electric consumption.

Case: Ellevio

A way to lift different topics

Hosted by our very own Gustav Svensson (now Górecki), we talked to historians about the importance of electricity both in the early 19th century and in the boom of the 1950s and 60s. We discussed the needs of tomorrow, including smart grids, and we also talked to retired Värtan employees about how they celebrated Christmas inside the control rooms with their families.

The series has been a way for Ellevio to stay at the top of the agenda regarding their field of work, e.g., the transition to smart electrical solutions and what the capacity challenge is really about.

Case: Ellevio

5 episodes

With over 180,000 views on YouTube so far, with more episodes planned.