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Professional, ready to go

Creo Studio is designed for businesses and organizations that want to communicate with their target audiences through moving media. Our 90-square-metre studio in Stockholm is equipped with the latest technology to create high-quality productions.

Whether you need a recording studio, streaming studio, TV studio, or film studio in Stockholm, we can assist you.


State-of-the-art film and TV studio for businesses in the heart of Stockholm

Our studio is fully customizable and designed to facilitate broadcasts and recordings quickly and cost-effectively. We also have a green screen available for film recordings. The set design is modular and can be easily built up with both digital and physical elements. Let us help you create impressive productions that engage your audience. We can also create hybrid events with a smaller audience on site.

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Easy to book -
smartly planned

When booking our studio, the process should be easy and comprehensive. Our standard technology package is tailored for a live broadcast with two sets - one for presentations and one for panel discussions - seated or standing.

Our video mixing system can handle a variety of sources. We can switch between multiple cameras, manage images and videos, incorporate graphics, and create various types of picture-in-picture solutions. We use several TV screens in the studio, which serve as digital backgrounds. On these screens, you can display images or videos as part of the set design.

When it comes to requests that require additional technology, personnel, consulting, and content production, we can offer these as add-ons.

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This is included in the base rent

  • 3 PTZ cameras
  • Video mixer
  • 2 computers for PowerPoint
  • 2 computers for video playback
  • Stage timer
  • Streaming encoder
  • Recording of outgoing feed (PGM)
  • 2 preview monitors
  • 75" screen for presentations in the studio
  • Fully equipped lighting rig
  • Programmable lighting board
  • 8 wireless systems
  • 1 IEM system
  • Audio mixer
  • Studio monitoring
  • Sound technician
  • Video producer
  • Streaming technician
  • Playout technician/producer/dial-in operator
  • 1 studio desk, 220cm
  • 1 studio desk, 70cm
  • 3 armchairs
  • 5 bar stools
  • 5 barriers
  • 5 x 55” screens for digital media
  • Makeup room
  • Lounge
  • Meeting room


Creo Studio Podcast

In Creo Studio, there is also a fully equipped podcast studio with an accompanying control room. The studio can accommodate four participants, and the control room houses an audio engineer and a producer. Through the control room, the audio engineer can also connect external participants.

Let's connect

Creo Studio is located at Gävlegatan 12B, 2nd floor, in central Stockholm, close to public transport links and with easy access to the E20 and E4. There are also ample parking options available. You can reach us at or you can contact us directly here on the website.

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