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digital EVENTS

Unlock the power of live streaming

Confidently broadcast high-quality video to your viewers with control, flexibility, and without compromising on security. Creo Media Manager unlocks the power of live streaming, providing an unparalleled way to interact, inform, or communicate directly with your audience, colleagues, partners, investors, and more. You decide whether you want to go live internally or externally, locally or globally. Live events build trust with viewers and enhance trust in your messages and brand.

Digital events

It's never been
easier to go live

We can offer you a professional virtual event platform that is extremely user-friendly and guarantees a great experience for your audience. Our platform comes packed with advanced functiona¬lity and interactivity, providing you with all the necessary tools to connect with, engage, and inspire your target group.

Digital events

Create stunning
online events

We design the event template according to your brand and specific needs. If necessary, we can also collaborate with your design agency in creating it. Our expertise ensures that the template looks great on all devices and clearly represents the sender. Whether it's for internal or external communication, we prioritize making your brand shine.

Digital events

A buffet of functiona­lity

Creo Media Manager offers a wide variety of functions and interactive features, all at your disposal for your events. You have full control over selecting and utilizing the features that best suit each specific event.

Landing page

Create a stunning landing page for your attendees.

Closing page

Create a stunning closing page for your event.

On demand

Make a fast turnover to a recorded version of your event.

Synchronized presentation

Synchronize your presentation live to your event and for the recorded version.

Picture in picture

We offer PiP for your synchronized presentation.


Add a countdown to your event landing page.

Calendar reminder

Add a calendar reminder to your event landing page.

Background video

Add a background video loop to your event’s landing and closing pages.

Embeddable player

The live player is embeddable with almost all functiona­lity.


Add an agenda to your event so your attendees have all the information at their fingertips.


Create chapters for your recorded event to make it easy to find different parts.


Get full video statistics, without tracking individuals.


Password protect your event, live or on demand.


Add a registration with or without user verification to your event.


Take full control of who can access and register for your event.


Activate authentication via e-mail to ensure the identity of the people attending your event.


Add Single Sign-On to your event for Microsoft Azure/360

IP protection

Add IP protection to your event domain to control access based on location.

Moderated Q&A

Text based Q&A with moderation functiona­lity.


Add an open chat to your event to let your attendees interact with you and each other.


Add a poll to your event to let your attendees answer questions.

Word cloud

Add a word cloud to your event to let your attendees answers questions.

Breakout session

Use breakout sessions to let your attendees interact with each other.


Use an interactive quiz to interact with your attendees.


Pick up thoughts about the event to help shape future events.


Let the attendees show their reactions to your content with smileys.

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And so much more...

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