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About the studio

With 90 square metres - ten metres in width - and ample ceiling height, we can build most environments on par with what you're used to seeing on traditional TV broadcasts e.g., debate programmes, news programmes and the like. We often create two environments or sets: one for presentation and one for discussions. With a little goodwill, we could even fit in a small orchestra.


Comprehensive studio for live broadcasts with two recording setups

The set design is fully customizable so that we can quickly and cost-effectively set up broadcasts and recordings. The set design is modular and easily built with both digital and physical elements. Our standard offering includes a set of furniture and backgrounds. If desired, we can arrange for something different. There is also a large green screen painted and installed along one side of the room.

The studio space was built in the summer of 2022 as part of an extensive renovation of our entire office. This means that right from the drawing board, we've considered and planned for specific requirements regarding noise levels, cooling/heating, and ventilation, all of which are incredibly important in a closed space.


  • Overview plan

  • 3D rendering

  • Pixel map decor


Spaces and ancillary areas for all needs

As part of the renovation of our large offices at Gävlegatan in the summer of 2022, we also built ancillary spaces such as makeup rooms, dressing rooms, control rooms, and a green room where our clients gather before a programme. For larger groups, we have access to a fully equipped kitchen and several large conference rooms.

For big groups with more extensive space needs, we offer access to our entire office, with an entrance at Gävlegatan 12A, 1st floor. For bulky transports, we have a large freight elevator that goes from street level directly to the studio.