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We change hearts and minds

As a motion media agency, we collaborate with companies, organizations, and brands to create a wide range of motion related projects, spanning from extensive campaigns across multiple channels to brand films, content, and smaller film projects. We work with everything from insight and strategy to concept and final production. However, we tailor our approach to the unique requirements and size of each project.


A true partner

We believe in being at the forefront of technology and see ourselves as a true partner that can assist you with whatever is required. We have almost everything in-house – thinkers, creators, producers, scriptwriters, directors, designers and the whole post-production pipeline. And, if specialized knowledge is needed, we can integrate it into the team from a sister agency within the Aura Group – our family.

The final channel / distribution is also a critical factor that we consider when developing concepts and formats. The end result can be a live action commercial, a documentary or motion graphics in 2D or 3D – and everything in between.

Have a look at our reel and our case studies!

CASE: Unionen

Learning through entertainment

Unionen – Sweden’s largest trade union – has over 700,000 members, but many people have poor general knowledge about what the union does – and what the Swedish model (Den svenska modellen) is.

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CASE: Valmyndigheten

How to reach all eligible voters in Sweden

For the Swedish election in 2022, we were asked by the Swedish Election Authority to create an information campaign to reach all eligible Swedish voters, regardless of where they lived. The mission was to communi¬cate how, where, and when to vote - without mentioning the 'why'

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CASE: Ellevio

A documentary series that creates thought leadership​

For Ellevio, we created documentary episodes that not only explain how Stockholm was electrified, but that also let them address all the questions their customers have about the ongoing electrical revolution.