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Jakten på makten: Investigative journalism at its worst

Unionen – Sweden’s largest trade union – has over 700,000 members, but many people have poor general knowledge about what the union does – and what the Swedish model (Den svenska modellen) is.

Case: Unionen


The project started with an intensive insight phase. We researched attitudes and created target group surveys to come up with a concept: Jakten på Makten.

This mockumentary series featured comedian Messiah Hallberg on a quest to expose the secrets of Unionen. In a wild Borat-meets-Michael Moore ride, we meet up with experts, bosses, union representatives and regular members to highlight what a union is all about. By having Messiah ask the dumb questions, we took a dry subject and made it exciting.

Case: Unionen


Five episodes were released on YouTube and teasers were produced for Instagram, LinkedIn and as pre-rolls for YouTube.

The resulting series gave viewers a basic understanding of union membership and the Swedish model – and a lot of common misconceptions were debunked. We developed the messaging together with experts at Unionen and then scripted and produced the series. Everyone involved was very happy with the results!