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How to reach all eligible voters in Sweden!

For the Swedish election in 2022, we were asked by the Swedish Election Authority to create an information campaign to reach all eligible Swedish voters, regardless of where they lived. The mission was to communi¬cate how, where, and when to vote - without mentioning the 'why'

Case: Valmyndigheten

Extensive research

After extensive research, we segmented the audience into different sub-groups based on factors such as demographics, knowledge levels, and media habits. Given the global situation, it was also important to convey the message that the election's security was robust and that the Election Authority was well-prepared.

To effectively engage all Swedes, the majority of the communi¬cation efforts used motion media via a variety of channels (TV, cinema, programmes, and social media - including Snapchat).

Case: Valmyndigheten

The concept

We developed the concept, "Ready for the Election", with a modular approach that could easily be adapted to the different target groups, messages, and channels. The concept also had to work in print for outdoor advertising and newspapers and for radio/podcast spots and banners. Specific films were also created for planned channels like TikTok and Snapchat.

In the end, approximately 100 different films of varying lengths and formats, 60 banners, 40 print ads, and 5 podcast spots were produced to reach all the sub-groups in the relevant channels.

This project was a collaboration between Creo and our sister agency Intellecta.