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financial communication

Investor Relations

The use of moving media to communicate financial reports and news stories is standard in most companies today. And the target group has broadened: even though investors, analysts and media still are in focus – both internal and other external audiences are growing fast. And: they are global!

Move your financial communication

This is in line with the ongoing trend where the different communication areas are merging: internal-, corporate-, IR-communication and marketing. The driver is offcourse a changed human behavior due to social media and other technical platforms.

But, at the same time, the audience´s tolerance is decreasing. The competition of their attention is fierce. So to ride this wave and increase the value of your financial communication you have to do it right. And here we are!

Creo's Live core team is probably one of the most experienced in the world, having broadcasted live many times from the Nobel Prize ceremony as well as from ISS, the International Space Station. We are working in close relation with many market leading listed companies and have quality and safety as our guiding stars.

Strategy consulting

In order to actually build a sustainable communications solution you need a plan. You have to know the habits, drivers and movements of your audiences: where to find them and how to attract their attention. You also have to have the right technical equipment and the right production comepetence.

And you must know your way in the technical distribution djungle. And, off course, your budget must match the value you expect in return. As part of our Agency offer we provide our more than 20-year experience, and guide you to do the right thing.


Q-reports, CMDs, AGMs. Interactive, with written questions from the audience, live-chats and integrated telephone conferences. Branded web interface solutions. Live webcasted with our own state of the art video platform Creo Media Manager – or any other platform.